ME I DO ... driven by inspiration and creativity, founded in 2016.


Moody, multilayered soundscapes, dominated by electronic sounds.

Supported by powerful beats & basslines in combination with filigree and quiet passages.

Often going ahead with a lot of drive, sometimes relaxing and easy.

Stylistically variable, the music mostly belongs to Pop, with extravagances in the direction of House, Techno, Ambient, Jazz and Rap.

More aesthetics than message, often suggestive and rarely concrete, with a tendency to experiment and distance from the conventional, more pictures than words.

Similar to a collage, consisting of a diverse composition of instruments, sounds and samples – keeping together by the kit of the sophisticated arrangements and compositions. The sound of ME I DO lives from its contrasts.



ME I DO alias Claudio Gritti, Swiss with Italian and Russian roots, 1967, Aquarius,

Piano and singing.

Composing, arranging & producing with Steinberg and Propellerhead.

Performing with Ableton, Steinberg, Image-Line & M-Audio.

School Of Audio Engineering Vienna, American Institute OF Music Vienna.


Musical experience:

Various bands / projects / productions / publications / live gigs.


In some titles guest musicians also are involved - especially where guitars and additional vocals are used.

Particularly noteworthy in this context are: Pat, Sam & Flavio from the band "Prograss"

... Thank U guys!

U are listening to the song "Grogy Progy" from the album "Entrance to the Exit"

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