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    Sandra Cohn (Samstag, 12 Januar 2019 23:30)

    Hi, I'm just listening to your new song "I've been there".
    Trippy vocals.... It's pretty different, definitely unique.... Production is great mixing is well-balanced.... I like the songwriting creativity towards the middle when it picks up, reminds me of Devin Townsend. Good job and good luck with your music career!

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    Laurent Jacky from CHIC MEDIA CONCEPT BELGIUM ASBL (Montag, 17 Dezember 2018 09:11)

    "The Future Is Going On" c'est un morceau plaisant!

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    Jose Roig, Cosmopolita Radio (Freitag, 14 Dezember 2018 15:48)

    Nice music and nice vocals. This is a great production! I will support your music in Cosmopolita Radio.

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    NETRADIO (Freitag, 14 Dezember 2018 02:54)

    Extrêmement original, excellent projet! Vraiment bon, nous aimons beaucoup et nous allons le soutenir. Entrée en playlist sur les antennes française et russe de NETRADIO ( Nous sommes tout particulièrement intéressés pour diffuser d'autres titres de Me I Do sur nos stations!

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    Benjamin And Friends (Montag, 13 Februar 2017 19:49)

    We like your track - calling the outside planet -
    Just great!!!

  • #1 (Montag, 13 Februar 2017 12:27)

    I just heard you're music on SoundCloud and I like the song "Voices in Wonderland"! It's an exceptionally tune with nice parts in it. Cool sound!